Spending Wisely

Memorizing God's Word makes it part of our life. It teaches us, comforts us, and keeps us from sin. Will you join me in hiding God's Word in our hearts?

In the following weeks, I hope to memorize Isaiah 55. It is a beautiful message of God's greatness and love toward us. Each week, I will recite what we have learned so far and discuss the meaning of the next verse. I'd love to have you join me in this challenge. You may "recite" in the comments or by email. If you can't say all of them, say just one at a time.

(without looking at my Bible)
Isaiah 55:1
Ho, everyone that is thirsty,
come ye to the waters and drink,
and he that hath no money;
come ye, buy and eat;
buy wine and bread
without money and without price.
CORRECTIONS: thirsteth and drink , yea come

"Wherefore do ye spend money
for that which is not bread?
and your labour for that which satisfieth not?
hearken diligently unto me,
and eat ye that which is good,
and let your soul delight itself in fatness."

Everyday we are making decisions of how we spend our time and money. Where we place our priorities tells much about us. Some put education at the top of the list. Others value hard work or a good job or family. Some put everything into pursuing their dreams.

What do we like to spend most of our money on? food...clothes...entertainment? or do we tithe first, giving God our best?

If our priority conflicts with God's will, what do we do? Do we put our will aside knowing God's way is best? or do we mule-headedly continue?

Only you know God's priorities for your life, and I know the ones He chooses for me. We know when our conscience pricks and when we have peace. We know what is right and wrong if we are honest with ourselves.

When will we learn that God's way is always best? No matter how "sucessful" we may appear, we will not be satisfied with our own works and dreams. Only when our way is His way will we be happy. All our accomplishments are for only a fleeting moment. God's accomplishments last forever.

HOMEWORK: Can you name a New Testament Scripture with this same thought?


Proverbs 27:19 said...

I just started reading Isaiah yesterday, but I started in chapter one!


T. Anne said...

I need the Lords loving bread and water. i'm so thirsty for more of him.

LauraLee Shaw said...

Rich stuff here, dear friend. VERY rich.

Kendra said...

So true, Mrs. Blake! He satisfies our every need, we should fill our hearts with HIM!


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