Feeling Like an Antique

A teenager needs to borrow an elderly lady's phone to call his mom. He stands there, holding the receiver and staring at the circle with holes at each number. "How do you use this thing?"

A girl working in the church nursery picks up a Fisher Price toy and says to the toddler, "Let's play with this cute little CD player." She places a colorful disk on the turntable and swings the arm over it to hear the little tune.

I feel so old! Of course! ... I was born way back in the 1900's.

Rotary dials, phonograph records, shoelaces, analog clocks, developed film, card catalogs, encyclopia volumes... are they fading into the land of memories? No one had microwaves when I was a kid. Video cameras were just coming out when I was a teen. Dishwashers were for rich people. Computers filled whole rooms.

My family chose not to have a TV, but we always had a record player. Instead of Disney videos, we had a collection of the movie sound tracks on records. We loved them and played them over and over again. We loved our Marcy Songs and Ethel Barrett stories. My brother had a little portable player and a whole bunch of cowboy songs on 45rpm's. Every year, we listened to A Christmas Carol on a set of thick 75's.

My favorite record player was our wind-up one. My father found it at the dump, so he didn't care how we used it. It was the perfect thing to carry up into a tree house or under the backyard tent. One full winding would play one side of a 33 rpm. The last few lines would slow down to a low moan. If you switched it to a faster speed, everything sounded like the Chipmunks.

Now, I'm trying to keep up enough with the new technology that I can at least understand what i-pods and mp3's are. I'm not into Twitter or Skype yet, but I am finally on Facebook. I'm determined not to turn into an antique!

What changes have you seen since your childhood...that isn't around anymore?

I will be away the rest of this week and all next week. I am going to the FW Writing Conference in Livonia, MI, and then camping with my husband. I will return Monday, August 17th. Have a great week!

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Lynnette Kraft said...

It's amazing how fast technology changed. Even at 40... I also grew up with most of the things you mentioned. We didn't have a home computer until I was 28. We didn't get a Beta VCR until I was in high school. I had a dial phone until I was, well...can't quite remember that one. I had a record player AND a tape player. CD's were beginning to show up when I was a junior in high school but I didn't have one until I had been married a few years. YES, things do change!

I'm not quite as interested in all the technology as I once was, but I'm with you - I'm determined to keep up best I can! A lot of it saves time BUT takes time to learn it! (And some of it takes too much time because it's just ONE MORE THING TO DO!)

Thanks for sharing Yvonne. Have a blessed day and a great time away at the writers conference and camping. Sounds fun!

Linda said...

Hi Yvonne,
Cute memory post. I remember all of those things too.

I am always saying that "I don't like "changes",...but then I guess that's not really true, because I enjoy the computer, and my blogging, and email. And I like playing my cd's and watching my dvd's.

I like GPS and how it helps us get around on trips. I like my plug in cooler that we can take in the car and then also use in the hotel rooms.

I love flat screen tvs and portable phones that don't tie me to a cord. I also like having a cell phone for safety and conveinence. So, I guess I do like it when things change! ((smile))

Thanks for making me realize it today.

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Charisse said...

I remember some of those things. I remember my 13" black and white tv and my Atari game system. I remember going to the arcade to play pac-man. I remember that little record player toy. I have a stereo that plays 8 tracks. My parents still have my grandmother and great grandmother's huge console televisions. I have one of my grandmother's first cameras.

But, I have to tell you, I looove my do-it-all cell phone. My satellite radio. My dvd player in my car.

Anonymous said...

It is not that I dont love my techy toys, dont get me wrong,but I often wonder if we have not far surpassed where God would have us go with them. Have we taken God given wisdom and allowed satan to use it more for evil than we do for good? Just a random thought...LOL

Proverbs 27:19 said...

This is too awesome! Anton and I wanted to get a rotary phone! We couldn't find one of course and I think my grandmother got rid of hers.

I was sad to find out that my mother gave my record player away because I wanted to show it to my kids.


Anonymous said...

I remember the little plastic record players! I think the one I had included records with fairy tales on them. We had a record player when I was very young, I loved it. I thought it was much better than cassette tapes because you could easily skip ahead to hear the song you wanted. I tried to explain record players to the 4th graders in one of the art classes I taught, but I think they kind of checked out halfway into my explanation haha!

Vonnie said...

At our FaithWriter Conference we learned about a new Espresso Book Machine, that will be able to spit out bound books in about 4 minutes.

We are going to see new inventions explode before our eyes. I plan to jump on board, so I don't get left in the dust.

LauraLee Shaw said...

What a great post! I remember many of these things...I used to have an 8-track player! :D


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