Scripture Memory "Should Have Known"

My goal for this year is to memorize John 15. I divided it into two parts, and we have complete the first part; verses 1-17. Each week I will "recite" what we have learned and add one more verse. If you wish to join me, post your "recitation" in the comment box or email it to me.

(without looking at my Bible)
John 15:18-24
18. If the world hate you,
ye know that it hated me before it hated you.
19. If ye were of the world,
the world would love his own,
but ye are not of the world
but I have chosen you out of the world,
therefore the world hateth you.
20. Remember the word that I said unto you,
The servant is not greater than his lord.
If they have persecuted me,
they will also persecute you;
If they have kept my word,
they will keep yours also.
21. But all these things will they do unto you
for my name's sake,
because they know not him that sent me.
22. If I had not come and spoken unto them,
they had not had sin,
but now they have no cloke to cover their sin.
23. He that hateth me, hateth my Father in heaven.
24. If I had done the things that none can do,
they had not had sin,
but now they have hated me and hated my Father in heaven.

CORRECTIONS: (didn't look!)
vs.19 because; vs20, saying; vs.22,to cover;vs.23, in heaven also;vs.24 among them the works that none other man did,
have both seen and hated both me and my father
(need to work on vs. 24 more!)

John 15:25
But this cometh to pass,
that the word might be fulfilled
that is written in their law,
'They hated me without cause.'

Whenever we see the phrase "as it is written", we should look to see where it was written. The writing of God's Word spanned thousands of years, using many different authors; kings, fishermen, a doctor, even a shepherd. Yet, they all speak of the same person, Jesus, the Son of God, and His great love for us.

This verse takes us back to Psalm 69: 4 "They that hate me without cause are more than the hairs of mine head; they that would destroy me, being mine enemies wrongfully, are mighty"

It was written by David when he was being chased by King Saul. But Jesus quotes and applies it to Himself. He used the old scriptures quite often in His teachings, confirming that He was the Christ, the Messiah. Every prophecy was and will be fulfilled. God always keeps His Word.

The priests and scribes knew the old laws and prophecies. They copied them word by word. They studied them and discussed them. They passed their knowledge from one generation to the other. They should have known that Jesus was the Messiah, the Promised One. They had no excuse.

We have no excuse either.

We live in a very literate society. Every child is expected to learn to read. We live in country where we can own as many Bibles as we choose. We can buy them at almost any store, in various languages, as cassettes, CD's, videos, DVD's, and MP3's. Yet, children are growing up not ever hearing the name of Jesus in our own country.

Sadly there will be a day, when they will stand before God, and they will have no excuse. They should have known.

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Love Abounds At Home said...

Congratulations on your quest to memorize Scripture. I admire you for doing that because I would love to memorize a big chunk of Scripture, but right now I can't. Hopefully in the future.


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