Day Camp 2009

What a great God we serve! Our God answers prayer.

It's been a very rainy summer. We hadn't had two consecutive days of sunshine since June 6. We needed sunshine for daycamp. It's hard to keep 40 people (kids and helpers) inside all the time. Besides, the kids look forward to the giant 50 ft. slipn'slide at the end of each day. Monday morning, the sun greeted us, lifting our spirits and enthusiasm.

I enjoyed watching the children arrive. They would greet each new carload with cries of glee, running to greet their pals. The whole week was like a continual friendship gathering. Older ones played with younger ones, sitting together in the assembly times and helping them with their lunches and bathing suits.

Many of our church teens had grown up and had jobs. We were trusting God to work things out. As the children arrived, so did the older siblings that grew up coming to daycamp. God gave us at least ten young people to fill water balloons, operate puppets, lead games, keep kids quiet, etc. One even came with a broken ankle!

I taught the 4-5 yr. olds. I had four faithful children all week long. Their attention span is very short. They can't read. They have trouble following directions and keeping track of their belongings. But, all in all, we had a wonderful week together.

It was hard to get into the artic mood when we were finally enjoying summer weather.

We learned a lot about penguins this week in the puppet shows.

Day after day, the sun came out. On Tuesday, it rained for a few minutes, but we inside for the missionary story...which happened to be about a rainstorm...sound effects! The children were very attentive for the missionary story, Ti-Fam.

Craft time was under a big "igloo". The highlight of the week was painting their own t-shirt.

Lunch was the time to chat with friends and leaders. Thankfully, everyday was dry enough for a picnic on the grass.

Thursday, the weathermen all predicted rain, but we prayed. The clouds hung low, but it didn't rain. We prayed, and God held it off until they were packing up to go home. Thank you, Lord!

We don't know of any professions of salvation, but hearts were open and receptive. Deep questions were asked and attitudes were changed. Seeds of God's Word were planted and watered. There was definite spiritual growth taking place. We were very happy and grateful to have many parents attend our closing program. Pray for a revival of hearts in Searsport.

My God is great!
So strong and so mighty;
There's nothing my God cannot do.
My God is so great!
So strong and so mighty;
There's nothing my God cannot do.
The penguins are His.
The icebergs are His.
The snow is His handiwork,too.
My God is so great!
So strong and so mighty;
There's nothing my God cannot do...
For you!
(adapted for VBS)


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Thank you for sowing some good seed into the lives of these children. These are the remembrances they will carry with them all of their lives. I know I carry some good ones, especially thoughts of those adults who gave their time to teach me Jesus.

Keep to it, Yvonne. You've got a big heart. The kingdom needs more of you!


Laury said...

Thank you for sharing your week, Vonnie. It looked like lots of fun! I know seeds were planted. Keep on watering and watch the little sprouts grow.

Loves, Vonnie


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