Graduation Days

Yesterday, I attended a very touching graduation. The valedictorian, Hillary Hoyt, was one of my former students. As she gave her speech, she choked a bit when she thanked her parents for being there. Only those who knew her well knew why.

Last winter, her father was diagnosed with cancer and was given only two months to live. Many prayers began rising to the Throne of Grace. "Lord, could you please let him live long enough to attend his daughter's graduation?" The two months came and went, but he was getting weaker.

His joy of looking forward to Heaven was very evident. He spoke to whomever would listen about his wonderful Lord and Savior. Hardened hearts were softened; souls turned to God.

As June arrived and Hillary's graduation neared, prayers poured to Heaven on his behalf. Would he make it to his only child's special day?

Tears of gratefullness filled my eyes as I saw his thin frame wheeled into the auditorium. I knew this was the biggest gift Hillary would recieve today. "Thank you, Lord, for Your wondrous mercy and love!"

Graduation means moving up to something better and higher. Hillary is moving from childhood to adulthood, into college life full of adventure and excitement. Her father will soon be moving into another life, more wonderful than we can ever know. He will be graduating with High Honors, for a faithful life, well-lived.

I ask you to pray for this family. Larry, (for opportunities to share his love for the Lord and family in his last days), for his wife Ellen (that God will give her ways to fill her emptiness without them), and for Hillary (that she will carry the strength of the Lord in her future endeavors)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post, Vonnie. You were right about
needing a tissue. Sunny

Anna Raymond said...

Hillary must have been so happy that her dad was able to be there.

Love Abounds At Home said...

Such a blessing that her father was there to see her graduate. Pass the tissue please.

Lynda S. said...

What a wonderful story, Vonnie.


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