"Talk to Me"

My daughter and her husband are living with us right now, and it is so enjoyable for me to watch them learn how to be parents. They are doing a great job!

I love listening to my daughter talk to little Carter. From the moment he stirs in his bed, she is gently talking to him and singing to him. She asks him if he had a good sleep, if he's hungry, or wants his diaper changed. She tells him how handsome he is or how sweet he smells.

If he's looking around, she identifies the different objects around the room. As she changes his clothes, she comments on the temperature of the washcloth or the air. If the sunlight makes him blink, she laughs and says, "Oh, bright light!"

She talks about his eyes and nose and ears as she washes him. She talks about his hands and feet as she dresses him. She talks about his lips and dimple as he tries out different facial expressions. When he fusses, she tries to calm him.

When his daddy comes home from work, he looks up at the deep voice telling him what a good boy he is. He knows it's a different voice, but a familiar one. He listens to this voice as Daddy reads to him in the evening.

All the while, I know this two-week old baby is learning a language. He is hearing different phonics sounds and inflections and vocabulary. The more he hears, the more his little brain is learning. His parents think they are just loving him, but they are giving him the wonderful gift of language.


Anonymous said...

Carter is blessed having Anna and Chris as his parents. Talking to him and reading to him, I
wouldn't be surprised if he started talking early.

Slowly Dying.. said...

I remember doing the same with our first child. I was so excited to have someone to "teach." This is a clever post for parenting tips. So how does Nana talk to Carter?


Yvonne said...

Me? the same way, of course! Where do you think she learned it?

As I put on their socks, shoes, and mittens, I would say, "Give me your left foot." "Give me your right hand." etc.

Of course, I learned that from my mother...so when all of us are together, he gets a triple dose!

Elizabeth said...

Aw, so sweet! I LOVE it when people talk to their kids. I talk to "my" baby all the time, and she coos back to me constantly. I hope and pray she's an early talker so we can have long conversations soon! :)


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