Packing Up

My daughter and her husband (and little baby) are moving this next weekend. Lists are being written, phone calls made, boxes and totes collected, clothes washed and sorted... it triggers emotions and memories for me.

My childhood was one move after another. I moved twenty times by age seventeen. I lived in Arizona, Bahamas, New York, and Maine. My mother got quite adept at knowing how to pack our belongings. Some things would be given away or sold if we didn't have room to take them. Others found prominate places of sentimental value. I sometimes remember a toy or book that I had as a child and wonder what happened to it. It was probably left somewhere along the way. I wonder if I would have taken different things if I had known I would miss them later.

Chris and Anna are a little nervous and excited about the new job and new church, meeting new people. I remember that part of moving too. There is an excitement of starting over and meeting new friends, but there's also a fear of not being accepted, of being different and alone.

As a child going to a new school, there was a whole new group of faces and names and personalities to learn. You didn't always pick the best type of friends at first. Sometimes your first "enemy" became your best friend.

I remember in Nassau, Bahamas, going to Sunday School when we first moved there. Everyone met together for singing before dividing into classes. I wasn't sure where to sit, but found an empty spot. A girl approached and said I was in the wrong place. Maybe I was in her spot, I don't know. She held up her hand and said, "See my finger; see my thumb; see my fist; you better run." I moved to another seat. Later she was in my class at school and we became good friends.

The worst part of moving was leaving friends. After awhile, I became very quiet. I didn't want to make new ones... I'd only have to leave them soon. Oh, I'd talk with them and sit with them at lunch, but I didn't let them get too close. It hurt too much. Once in awhile, one would find their way into my heart, and I never forgot them, and some I still keep in contact with to this day.

Every once in awhile, I get an urge to move, to start a new adventure, new life... but I'm content where I am, if that's what the Lord wants for me. I've got my computer and television and phone, if I want to "travel" and visit my family and friends... and even meet new ones! But... if the Lord opens a new direction for our life, then I'm ready to pack up and go where He wants me to go.


Slowly Dying.. said...

Good morning! I understand all that you have explained because of my husband being active duty. Great way to share and encourage others.


Dee Yoder said...

I moved a lot, too, Vonnie until I got to 4th grade and it sure was tough to keep making friends and then having to leave them. Praying for you all as the kids make this transition.

LauraLee Shaw said...

I was one who lived in the same house in the same small town my whole life. Going from 3 stoplights to Dallas was a BIG adjustment! But I'm here now, and until the Lord calls us elsewhere. I'm sure their transition will be hard on you as well. Will be praying as always.


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