Friday Fiction: "Snapping His Fingers"


A storm was stewing at
The Unity Community Church.
Every seat was filled;
People standing and squirming.

The farmers, the businessmen,
The parents, the teachers-
All were there listening
And the end result yearning.

What would the church do
With the generous offering,
Donated to them at the death
Of Deacon Sam Groening?

“A bell in the steeple.”
“Re-carpet the whole building.”
“What about missions?”
“The roof needs repairing.”

A low pressure was growing.
The sky suddenly darkened.
Brethren growled at each other.
Tempers began flaring.

The neighbors were curious,
And scoffed at the raucous.
“Who’d want to attend there,
With everyone differing?”

They heard the hypocrites
Arguing and roaring.
Maybe Dis-Unity Community Church
A better way of referring.

Thunder rumbling overhead.
Voices bellowing above the din.
Numbers figured, sketches scribbled,
Each opinion self-declaring.

With a sharp SNAP of authority,
God demanded their attention.
The members stopped…listening,
Ceasing their bickering.

The rain beat in torrents
Against colored panes.
Like angry tears streaming
Disagreements scattering.

A lad burst through the door,
His hair wet and ruffled.
“A tree fell,” he puffed, “lightning…,
Widow Groening’s roof… shattering!”

The members looked at each other.
Their debate was settled…over.
Hanging their heads and some crying,
Embracing, one another forgiving.

The carpets could last longer,
A bell, not necessary.
Wishes and dreams set aside
Their sister and neighbor considering.

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Joanne Sher said...

Thanks for participating, Vonnie! This was wonderfully done. Love the meter, and the excellent message. Great word choice too!

Lynn Squire said...

I love this. Something we all need to be reminded of now and again - unity can be hard to attain, but God sure has a way of sorting things out.

Treasure Seeker said...

Unity is like the anointing oil on the beard of the priest....

love the message. i know of a few churches that could read this.

Sherri Ward said...

Very well done! We plan and over-plan until God steps in and says, "Hey!"


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