Sorrowing Jacob

Genesis 35:16:29

Jacob has just wrestled with the ANGEL of the LORD and surrendered to His will. He has returned to his home to meet his brother Esau, whom he fled from so many years ago. He now has a large family; two wives and many children, plus many servants and cattle.

Just when things are looking good and he's ready to start over happy and right with the world, his beloved wife, Rachel, dies while giving birth to her second son. She names the child, Benoni - meaning 'son of sorrow'. But Jacob names him, Benjamin- 'son of my right hand'.

Scofield notes say that this is a double type of Christ; who "pierced his mother's (Mary's)heart", but was a son "well pleased" of his Father in heaven.

Soon after the death of Rachel, Jacob also has to bury his father, Isaac. I noticed that God brought the two brothers back together,reconciled, before they faced this difficult time. They were able to do it side by side as brothers. How comforting a sibling can be! Only they know our whole past, the good and bad parts of our lives. Only they can share our earliest memories and emotions.

The death of a loved one is so hard for us to understand. We can't see God's plan. Why would he hurt us so? We can't know God's ultimate design for our lives. We can't question God's judgements. We have to draw closer to Him and trust in His wisdom for our lives.

"(Thy mercies) are new every morning; great is Thy faithfulness."
Lamentations 3:23

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Joanne Sher said...

Amen, Vonnie. It's amazing how the extreme animosity between these brothers was put aside to mourn. A beautiful picture.


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