I Can Fly!

One of my first memories is flying in a small airplane to the Bahamas. We flew often during those five years. My parents tell of some scary flights, but I don't really remember them. I do remember looking down and seeing right through the light aqua-colored water and seeing the white sand and patches of dark seaweed. I think I remember seeing a whale, but I'm not sure.

On the smaller islands, we would have to buzz the house to signal the occupants to pick us up at the airport, which was nothing more than a cleared spot and a small shack. As a young child, I remember seeing the people, like ants, pouring out of the house, waving, and driving the truck beneath us to the airport.

My uncle named his plane, Sparrow, saying that God's eye was on the sparrow. Many of his children and grandchildren got their pilot's licenses. We flew in bigger planes to Florida and Arizona, but they must not have made much of an impression on me.

I didn't fly again until just a few years ago, when I traveled alone to Nebraska to visit my brother and family. Maybe I'd seen too many movies, or watched too many news-reports, but fear became more than just a thought. My stomach muscles clenched, my pulse rate increased, my ears popped. I didn't realize how much G-force was involved in take-off! The air pockets made me gasp, and I closed my eyes when we landed. Although, I DID enjoy landing in Boston on my return. The jet skimmed over the bay, low enough to see people in their boats.

My son, Caleb, dreams of flying his own plane. He is now in Alaska, but hasn't yet. He'd like to fly into remote villages to have Bible clubs with the team that goes each year.

Flying in a plane is very much like the Christian life. Being above the world is like seeing life from God's point of view. We can see more of the whole picture. Our flight may be a nice smooth trip, or it may be bumpy at times, but the Pilot will carry us safely to our destination. We only need to trust Him and not fear.


Laury said...

I love hearing your memories, Vonnie. So much fun. You had such an unusual childhood. I love how you tied flying into our walk with the Lord.

LauraLee Shaw said...

This is so awesome! Love these memories...maybe I can just live out my childhood through yours! ;)


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