Spiritually Minded

Our children are a gift from God, left in our care for awhile. It is our responsiblity to raise them as God would have them to be raised.

Showing God to our little one is a continual part of every day, not just on Sunday...not only when we feel like it, not when they ask us...everyday, all the time. It means through talking, discipline, and love. Our actions and reactions to life's situations teach our children what we think of God's way, what is right and wrong. Is the Bible an important part of your day? Do they hear you pray? Is church attendance part of your routine? Do you help those in need around you?

Talking about God is easy and natural to a youngster. To him, it's easy to believe in something he cannot see, because he trusts his parents. He believes many things that he hasn't seen yet. We should be careful what we tell them until they can learn the difference between imaginary and real.

Think about this quote "No Santa at seven; no stork at nine; no God at twelve."

Tell him that God made his body when you wash him. Marvel with him at God's creation. Thunderstorms can be beautiful if you know that our powerful God controls them. Tell your mischief-maker that God knows everthing when he sneaks a cookie behind the couch. Pray with him about his missing cat.

God becomes a friend, a healer, a protector, a fair ruler, and a Savior as you diligently teach him. Jesus said we are to become as little children. We are to have a simple faith, trusting that "our Father" can do anything.

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LauraLee Shaw said...

I hope if you were to ask my children, they would say I am this kind of parent, but who knows what they really see when they look at me. Often times, they know my mood before I do! This is a great post.


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