God Led Him

Genesis 24

In today's culture, it's a little hard for us to really understand arranged marriages. But, maybe there would be less divorces if the wisdom of parents chose their children's spouses. Whatever way a wife is found, God should be the guiding factor.

Abraham was too old to return to the land of his family. So, who did he chose to do the job of wife-hunting? ...his most trusted servant..."his eldest servant of his house, that ruled over all that he had" Abraham knew that this man was worthy of this impossible task, and he was.

This servant knew that this was too much for him to do alone. He prayed to the God of Abraham to show him a sign, an unbelievable sign, so that he would be sure which maiden was the right one for Isaac. He asked that she offer him a drink and his camels also. That doesn't sound like much, but a thirsty camel will drink up to 30 gallons of water. The servant had ten camels. Only a kind, generous person would draw 300 gallons of water for a stranger.

While the servant was still praying, Rebekah came to the well.

Isn't God wonderful? I love the thought that my God is so big that he can direct different circumstances so that they weave and cross, in just the exact timing of His plan. Should we get frustrated with interrupted schedules? Do we notice opportunities that God puts in our day? Should we fret over our children not finding a wife or husband?

Rebekah seemed to know God's sovereign will in this unusual situation, for she willing left her family to marry a complete stranger. That is faith.

Lord, give us faith to trust Your supreme design for our lives. Lord, teach us to seek Your will in every part. Give us eyes to see the opportunities to shine for You throughout the day as bring them into our path. Thank you for Your loving guidance in the past, and help us to trust You with our future. In Jesus' Name, Amen

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LauraLee Shaw said...

Oh, the wonder of His ways! What a perfect reminder!


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