Remembering a Lie

Isn't it strange that we remember when we are wrongly accused? There must be thousands of memories that are lost over the years, but we can instantly feel the emotions of times that someone offended us.

When I was only about five years old, we lived in on a tiny island called Green Turtle Cay. My father taught school there and we lived in a rather nice house (compared to other houses in the Bahamas).

I remember being invited to play with a girl soon after we moved there. She was showing me around their yard and offered me a red 'fruit' to eat. I wasn't sure, so she popped a couple into her mouth and said they were good. So, I took one. They were hot peppers and I never ate anything like that before.

The girl(don't even remember her name) then offered me an orange, saying it would take away the sting, but of course, it made things worse. I ran home crying, telling my mother the whole story. She gave me milk and bread, which soothed my pain.

Taking me back to the neighbor's house, she told the mother what her daughter did to me. The girl denied everything. She said I fell down while running and it must have fallen in my mouth...and the mother believed her! I couldn't comprehend how someone could get away with an outright lie like that.

Telling the truth was firmly instilled in me. I can tolerate a lot of things, but if anyone is out! Better to break a window than lie to me. Ask my kids and my students.(smile)


LauraLee Shaw said...

SUCH a good illustration! And written well as usual. I had a similar situation happen a few years back with my daughter, only in this case, the other girl took something that belonged to my daughter and put it in her pocket. When I insisted the girl show us what was in her pockets after denying that she had taken the item, she refused. Her mom said she believed her and she didn't need to show us what was in her pocket. This was at church and everything. I was floored! But I used it as an opportunity to teach my daughter about the way things happen in the world, even among Christians sometimes. Hopefully, she saw how lies can affect others firsthand (as well as stealing).

Great post!

Anonymous said...

My mother wouldn't tolerate lies. Thanks for another
good post. Sunny

The Surrendered Scribe said...

I had a situation in college where I worked in a shoe store and closed up. I admit I was the last to touch the bank bag, and the bank calls to say they never received it. The police come and my boss told them I took it! It was horrible. I ended up taking a lie detector test and they admitted they knew it wasn't me, they wondered if I was nice and covering for her. Whatever happened, the bag was never found, and no one called on their checks, leading me to believe it was a bank job.

But boy did I learn about honesty and my feathers are very ruffled when I'm lied to!

Great post!

Laury said...

Poor Little Vonnie, I can just see this happening and your mom standing up for you. Such a cool memory and a harsh one at the same time.


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