Stepping Back 200 Years

Day Four

Old Sturbridge Village

When my family was living in New York, we got a season pass to Old Sturbridge Village. I fell in love with the early American way of life. It hasn't changed much in the last 40 years since I was last there.

Each building is full of items used during the 1830's, and you can watch people doing activities the same it was done years ago. The guides are full of information and can answer most questions you might have. (Although I did stump them on one question. "What is the word for the wooden latch that twists around on a nail?" No one knew...not even the cooper.)

I was pleased to see so many young children. There were many hands-on activities for the youngsters. They could make candles or help the blacksmith or walk on stilts.

At one farm, we saw a couple sheep in a pen bleating near a gate. Another sheep, on the other side, pushed the gate open and let them out into the pasture. One of the released sheep promptly ran around to a weak place in the fence and squeezed out into the dirt road. A farmer shooed him back into the pen, but a few minutes later, there was the sheep in the road again!
Who said sheep were dumb?

I gathered a headful of more information to add to my Phoebe book. I can't wait to get home and apply it to my story.


Karen said...

I've always said I was born 200 years too late. I would love to have a job like this - then at least I could pretend.

kerry said...

so what is the name of the latch piece

Yvonne Blake said...

*smile* Kerry, when I returned, both my father and Pastor Mason said "button latch" without hesitating. I guess I was just asking the wrong people. (the nail in the middle, where it pivots, is the "button")

Karen, check out today's post on Polliwog Pages about Tasha Tudor.


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