A New Me

This weekend, my sons that live in New Hampshire came home for the weekend, for a harvest supper and to celebrate a birthday. It was good to see them. I love all the hugs I get from my big boys, who avoided any display of affection as youngsters, but now crave it since they left home.

They brought a Wii game that they just bought, to let us try it out. What a lot of fun! It would be perfect for our climate, when we are holed up for the winter months. They took it to their grandparents' house. I wish I could have seen them playing with it.

It was as much fun creating your personal figure as it was to play the game. We had lots of laughs deciding what color hair or what shaped noses we had. It was interesting seeing how people saw themselves. Of course, you could choose to create a dream character, be whatever you want. I could have been tall and thin, with jet black hair.

It made me think of how we present ourselves to others. What about our cyber-selves? Do our email friends really know us? Do they see the real us? Are we really that way on the inside or do we make ourselves look better on the outside?

We can pretend to be spiritual, wearing the clothes and speaking the talk. But...is it fooling anyone? It may even fool us, but it doesn't fool God.

"For the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward apperance, but the Lord looketh on the heart."
I Samuel 16:7

Lord, help me to be true to ourselves and to others and especially to you. Let our words and our actions be honest and sincere. In Jesus' Name, Amen


LauraLee Shaw said...

Great analogy, Vonnie. yes, it's tough to be "for real." I find, though, if you are surrounded with friends that will encourage and gently challenge you instead of judge you, it makes it easier to be yourself. I have a group of online friends just like that. ;)

Betsy Markman said...

That's the danger of cyber-ministry, isn't it? Thanks for the reminder to be real!

Laury said...

I've loved getting to know the REAL you, Vonnie. So glad you were able to enjoy all those big guy hugs!

Mari said...

Nice tidy tie-in with the wii charatcter.

We bought a wii when they first came out and took it on the road with us for ministry. Really, for ministr. So much fun to play on a 12'x12' screen! I was a youth minister in our last church for 6 years and even though we weren't pastros there we still lived in same town. Many of my youth would want to come hang out with their MaMarita. We had so much fun palying the wii and I have tons of characters because evry visitor MUST play and MUST make a mii. One young man made his totally not look like him at all. Yesterday we attended a 75th anniversary of that church and I saw this young man. Haven't seen him in a long time. He is 20 and lost. Now I see that he made his mii, and it indicated that he really didn't know who he was. I think I can relate. Good thoughts here, Vonnie. Thank-you

Mari said...
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Mari said...

Sorry, Vonnie. I had a spaz moment and hit the button three times and it entered my comment when i was trying to edit it. BTW...this is the real me not just the cyber-me...i really am a spaz :P.

Joanne Sher said...

Definitely a wonderful analogy. It IS easier to "put on airs" and be someone you aren't online, but it's not too hard to do it in real life either ;)
Much to think about here, and learn from! Being real is so important.


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