Adorable Baby Clothes!

On Saturday, a group of ladies from our church traveled for an hour, squished in one car, to a little shop called Mainely Kids in Fairfield, Maine. We were off to find some clothes for a missionary hospital ministry in Venesuela. Carl and Nikki Hodsdon, with Don and Linda Champeon, reach out to mothers who come to the hospital. Many of the children have no clothes. With some clothes and tracts, Nikki and Linda have been able to reach these women with the Gospel.

We step into the corner door of an old building, and lullaby chimes ring above us. Scattered about are stuffed animals, car seats, and baby dolls. A fresh scent greets us and a smiling woman behind the desk welcomes us.

We are drawn toward the rows of cute shoes and little hats. Racks of fuzzy sleepers and colorful dresses bring out giggles, oooo's and ahhhh's. Some clothes are hard to put back, but they are not practical for children in the tropics.

We soon fill our baskets with onesies, dresses, shirts, sleepers, and a few stuffed animals, and slowly head toward the front. Chatting with the proprietors, we find that these sisters have owned the store for eighteen years, but are wondering if they can keep it going with the rising fuel costs. They wash and iron each item and delight in helping people dress their children.

With promises to return soon and spread the word, we squeeze back into the car to chatter all the way home. What a wonderful way to minister to others! I hope they can stay in business for a long time.


LauraLee Shaw said...

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing it!

Laury said...

Sounds like a fun day!

Patty Wysong said...

So cool, Vonnie! What a neat ministry!


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