Letting God Love Through Me

 When God repeats a message with two sermons, preached by different men, you know He wants you to listen and learn. Yesterday's sermons were both about loving - loving the Lord and loving others. 

It's easy to love those who are close to us, who like the same things that we love, who are kind and good and easy to be around, but can we love those who are different - those that are unlikeable - those that are cruel and evil? Can we let God's Spirit love them through us? 

I hope these sermons will bless you and prick you to want to love, to love Him and to love others - 

"Loving the Lord Thy God"

"The Skeptical, the Sinner, and the Savior"


Lord, Give Me Eyes

                                    Lord, give me eyes to see your praise.
Each morning sings with sparkling rays,
Trees clap their hands,
Waves dance on sands,
The heavens bright shout forth Your ways.

Lord, give me eyes to see Your face,
So holy, holy, full of grace;
Bow before You,
Praise, adore You,
I consecrate this sacred place.

Lord, give me eyes to see my sin
The selfish thoughts tucked deep within;
May I hate them,
Let You take them,
Cleanse me, change me, new life begin.

Lord, give me eyes to see Your will,
Help me to listen, heart made still;
Give me patience,
Tender conscience,
Letting You my being fill.

Lord, give me eyes to see the lost,
It was for them, You faced the cross;
Blind and crying,
Sinful, dying.
May I see them worth the cost.

Lord, give me eyes to see the lonely,
Tired, crippled, poor, and homely,
As I help them,
As I guide them,
May my life show Jesus only.

Lord, give me eyes to see Your army,
Nothing in this world can harm me;
I will not fear,
With angels near,
Multitudes protect, surround me.

Lord, give me eyes to see Your power,
While I am hiding in Your tower;
Winds and creatures,
Kings and teachers
Obey Your will, before You cower.

Lord, give me eyes to see tomorrow
As nothing worth a boast or sorrow;
Its prides or tears,
The gains or fears,
Its joys or pains I dare not borrow.

Lord, give me eyes to see Your best,
Although life’s trials may sorely test;
I understand
It is Your hand,
Within Your arms, I fully rest.

Lord, give me eyes to see Your glory,
No more sin and no more worry.
Righteously crowned,
In Him be found,
Ending of redemption’s story.

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