Photo Challenge

Back in the "old days," when we had cameras with film, which had to be sent away to be developed, I didn't like to take pictures, because I was afraid I would get a bunch of photos back that were blurry or too dark or some problem with them that made them unacceptable  . . .  and I would have wasted my money on nothing.

I love using a digital camera. I can take as many as I wish. If I don't like any, I delete them! With a digital photo shop, I can crop or brighten or sharpen my pictures, or even erase unwanted parts. It's so easy, a child can have fun with a simple digital camera. 

What a wonderful time we live in!

I have discovered a fun way to use my collection in a Photo Challenge. Each day, we post one of our pictures on Facebook from a list of prompts. It's fun to see how people perceive each idea. 

Here is my latest one -
(Out and About)

With all my children and grandchildren, I've been traveling quite a bit in the last couple of years. I tried my hand at a collage and put some of my favorite ones together. There is a snapshot of Texas, Georgia, New York, Alaska, California, and even one from Maine. (Can you recognize in which city the plane is landing? Hint: There's a famous island nearby.) 

To see more of my photos in this challenge CLICK HERE.

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