Nuggets of Blessing

I love how God brings "nuggets of blessing" to light in the Bible. Maybe I have read that particular verse a hundred times or more, maybe I have even memorized it at one point, or perhaps never noticed it at all, but all of a sudden, it has more meaning! It applies to the circumstance I'm experiencing right now. I understand its truths at this point in my Christian growth.

I hope to share these "nuggets of blessing" with you and a little thought of why it seems special to me now.

"Be of good courage, 
and let us behave ourselves valiantly for our peple, 
and for the cities of our God; 
and let the LORD 
do that which is good in His sight." 
(I Chronicles 19:13) 

The phrase "be of good courage" is special to me ever since I learned that the French language has a similar phrase - a rallying call - "Bon Courage!"  We don't have a phrase like that in English. We may say "Good Luck," but that's not the same. "Bon Courage" is a word of comfort and love, giving the recipient a feeling that someone is standing beside him to keep him going through a difficult time. 

"Let us behave ourselves valiently" - There are those who are looking toward us for leadership, to see how we will act in time of testing and trials. It's not a time to give in to our fears and doubts. We need to be strong for others who will follow behind us. 

" Let the LORD do that which is good in His sight"  . . . Ultimately, it is NOT our strength and courage that determines the outcome. While we are standing strong and "behaving valiently," we are trusting in the LORD to do His will. Even if we don't understand the battle, it is not up to us to question - only to obey. Whatever God does is good. 

Have you read a verse in the Bible that "glows" with a special light of understanding? Perhaps it will be a blessing to someone else. Feel free to comment or post your own "Nuggets of Blessing" on your blog and put your link in a comment. 


Jedidja said...

Be strong is in Dutch: wees sterk. Or: houd moed (keep courage). I love this words. Thank you for this biblical posting :-)

Yvonne Blake said...

That's interesting! How would "houd moed" be pronounced? (Does "ou" rhyme with "cow" and "oe" rhyme with "go"?)

Anonymous said...

I love when a verse has new meaning.
God opens up verses when He knows
we will understand. This verse for you
will open up even more down the road.



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