C'est Accompli !

My son gave me a jigsaw puzzle for Christmas and covered the lid with wrapping paper (taped up very well) - with the challenge of putting the puzzle together without looking at the picture. (leaving only the title showing "Montmatre, Paris")

Because of various reasons, I put it away for a time that I wasn't too busy. I found the box the other day and thought it was a good time to put it together. I opened it and saw that pieces were very colorful -pinks, and oranges, and blues.

It took me about five days to assemble and so much fun!
(and I didn't peek once)

Doing jigsaw puzzles help me sort out my thoughts. I don't know how it works, but when I feel topsy-turvy, putting those shapes and colors together to make a picture help me feel more balanced and settled.

Writing poetry does the same thing. I suppose they have things in common. Writing a poem is sorting through words to find the ones that fit well together. When I'm done, I have a "picture" that expresses my thoughts and emotions.

What do you do to help you sort out your emotions?

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Anonymous said...

Glad you took a pic of the puzzle!



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