You Never Know

Today Zeke the Peddler's route is way up in the corner of the country 
- in Fort Kent, Maine.

I've never been to Sue Morneault's house, 
and I didn't even know her a year ago . . .

But God brought her into my life last fall, and within minutes, it was like we had known each other all our lives. There was an instant bond - the bond of the God's Spirit between us. The more we talked, the more we realized how much we had in common.

Sue's daughter, Mindy , suffered a brain injury while playing soccer. Because her therapy sessions were hours away from home, she was staying at Gary's House in Portland, and that's where we met. Now Mindy and her family are raising funds for a building like Gary's House, but for others with brain injuries who need a temporary home during their treatments.

You never know know 
when God will bring a new friend across your path 
just when you need them most.

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