"I Will Be With You"

Real peace isn't a grassy field on a dewy morn; 
it's a calm heart in the midst of a storm.
Real love isn't walking together in a summer rain; 
it's a helping hand in the midst of pain. 
Real faith isn't singing hymns in a church pew;
 it's knowing the Lord is in the midst of you. 

This poem is a tribute to so many who are in pain today - suffering because of a sinful world - cancer, bombs, floods, war, terror, hate . . . death.

What can I do? How can I help?
 I can pray and hold your hand and be your friend 
and tell you about God's gift of love and life. 

"I Will Be With You"

I know you're afraid,
Because I am too;
But you won't be alone;
I will be with you.

You are uncertain,
Not sure what to do;
Trust Him who holds tomorrow;
I will pray with you.

Your tasks tower high,
There's so much to do;
You are weary and worn,
I will toil with you.

Temptations and doubt,
Trying tests to go through;
Victory over trials;
I will sing with you.

I know you're happy,
Because I am too;
But you won't smile alone;
I will laugh with you.

When you're in the right,
Faithful friends are few,
It's hard to stand your ground;
I will stand with you.

You face accusers;
They prick and taunt you.
Their words can't defeat truth;
I will defend you.

I know you're afraid,
Because I am too;
But you won't go alone;
I will go with you.
Nights of searing pain,
Waves overwhelm you.
Wishing I could do more;
I will stay with you.

Facing Dark Valley,
Last journey 'fore you,
With tears, I let go your hand,
For He will be with you.

"Nevertheless I am continually with you;
You hold me by my right hand."
(Psalm 73:23 NKJ)

Do you know this God of peace? Is He your Savior and Friend? 
Is He holding your hand? 
I have peace because I know I am His and He is mine. 

Do you know if you have eternal life?

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