18th of April in '75

Longfellow wrote a memorial poem of that night, teaching generations about Paul Revere alerting the Minutemen that the British were coming. "Paul's Revere's Ride"

I thought of how the wives and families might have been effected by the Revolutionary War. They were as much soldiers as the men. They had to do their part by keeping things going smoothly at home while they waited and prayed for their loved ones fighting for freedom. It doesn't matter the era - women still are waiting and praying for their men to come home.

Here is the first few lines of a poem from a wife's point of view-


Quietly waiting, restlessness
Silently praying, sleeplessness
Moon on the window, glistening
Slowly breathing, listening

A gallop on stones, a shout in the night!
A cry of a child, a call to fight.
A candle lit, a boot stamped in place,
A bag of vittles, a tender embrace

“Hurry, hurry!  but we’ll miss you so.
“Here are your things.” Do you have to go?
A peek at the babe, in sleepful bliss,
The horse is saddled, one last kiss . . . 

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