Mourning on that Morning

Mourning on That Morning

(Three sad women are working together. One is wrapping strips of cloth into a ball. The other two are mixing oils and herbs.)

Mary: Oh, I still can’t believe he’s really dead! (She is pouring oil in a bowl) (Joanna is crushing herbs with a pestal)

Salome: Me neither. (Wrapping cloths)

Mary: Wasn’t it only a fortnight ago that we were in Bethany with Mary andMartha, when he raised Lazarus from the grave?”

Salome: Do you remember when he healed blind Bartimeaus and Jairus’s daughter? Surely he was the Messiah!

Mary: But how could the Messiah die?

Salome: I don’t know!

Joanna: Sh-sh-sh ! The Roman soldiers will hear you!

Salome: Do you remember when he came into Jerusalem and all the children sang?

Joanna: Do you remember how gentle and loving he was?

Mary: But now he’s gone!

(They work silently for awhile.)

Salome: There! The cloths are done. Are the spikenard and myrrh ready?

Mary: Oh, Salome! Are you sure we should go? What about the soldiers?

Salome: Oh, I’m not afraid of them. Besides, I want to do this for Jesus.

Joanna: Me, too.

Mary: Oh, me too, but I’m afraid!

Salome: Twas awful that it happened on the Passover. We should have done this sooner.

Mary: Peter tried to keep him from coming to Jerusalem.

Joanna: It was as if he wanted all this to happen . . . as if he wanted to die.

Mary: Why would he want that?

Salome: I don’t know!

Joanna: Sh-sh-sh

Mary: Let’s not talk about it. It’s too sad!

Salome: Well, are you two coming?

Joanna: I’ll come.

Mary: I’m coming too, but let’s go now before daylight.

(All three leave, huddled close together and looking fearfully around.)

Mary: I’m afraid ! Where is the Roman guard?

Salome: I don’t know!

Joanna: Sh-sh-sh

Mary: How are we going to move the stone?

Salome: I don’t know !

Joanna: Sh-sh-sh

Salome: Look! The stone is gone!

(They come closer and peer inside.)

Joanna: It’s empty!

Mary: Oh, they’ve stolen his body! I must tell Peter and John!

(She leaves and the other two go inside. When they emerge there are two shining angels standing nearby. The women bow to the ground.)

Angel 1: Why seek ye the living among the dead?

Angel 2: He is not here; he is risen, as he said.

(The angels disappear. The women stand in disbelief and joy. They call after Mary)

Salome: Mary! Mary! Jesus is alive!

Joanna: He has risen! Mary!

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