Fruit Cakes!

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“Good evening. This is Cheri Bing, reporting for WHIP, in Quince Valley, Florida. I am standing outside the Capitol Convention Building, where we are expecting much to be happening here tonight. The Annual Christmas Cake Bake-Off and the State Christmas Gala are being held in the same hall because of a scheduling dilemma.

“Tables are loaded with exquisite displays of culinary creations: a Black Forest Cherry Cake, a Festive Eggnog Cake, an Orange Marmalade Noel Cake, a Chocolate Yule Log, a Jewel Fruit Cake, and even a Coconut Cookie Tree. Band music is filling the air, and dignitaries are arriving by limousines. What a grand event this will be!  . . .

~ ~ ~

The evening is filled with dancing and music and lots of delicious cakes. See what happens when the Annual Cake Bake-Off and the fancy State Christmas Gala are held at the same place.

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Anonymous said...

Big grin at seeing this story!
So creative!



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