A Visit from a Friend

Can you tell a story in 100 words? My friend, Jan Ackerson, can create characters, setting, and a plot in just a tiny slice of time. Here's one she created for any mother or grandmother -

Macy Helps

"Sleep when the baby sleeps," they say, but they don’t factor in the big sister. It was silence that woke Leigh. She looked at the clock; she’d only been asleep for ten minutes. “Macy!” she called. Toddler footsteps pattered away from little Nico’s room.

Leigh jumped up and followed, stopping for a peek in the bassinet. Nico was awake, happy, a smear of something on his face. “Macy!”

The two-year-old appeared at the door. “Emmies, Mama!” She held out a fistful of M&;Ms. “Nico have two emmies!” Expertly, Macy tipped open Nico’s chin and dropped another candy in his mouth.

~ ~ ~

To read more of Jan's mini-stories,
go to her blog One Hundred Words .

1 comment:

Rita Garcia said...

With four daughters this really made me smile with treasured memories. Although, some were not so fun at the time. :)


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