A Bag of Bubble Gum!

Why am I so excited about bubble gum?
It's the name of my new book!

A Bag of Bubble Gum is a collection of short stories for little folks.
(Book One in the Country Store Collections)

Like bubble gum, each story has it's own flavor.

Just as an old-fashioned country store has something for everyone, this series of books is filled with a variety of short stories and poems for the whole family. (Look for a Christmas book to be coming out soon.)

 A Bag of Bubble Gum
(Kindle and paperback)
can be found at Full Sail Books
and at Amazon.com
(or directly from me, for a signed copy)


Anonymous said...

I ordered a copy which is
due in a few days!


kerry said...

i'll order mine from you so you can sign it, since we are old friends and i like you......besides...someday you may be famous and then i will have the distinct privilege of having a signed copy.....and can sell it for lots of money!!!....ok the last phrase i was just kidding....love you!!......and keep up the good work!


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