Friday Fiction - "Little Faith"

Growing up with the story of Pilgrim's Progress,
I attempted to write this snippet of my own allegory
for a Faithwriter Challenge.
Maybe someday I'll expand it into a full plot.

Once upon a winding road, Little Faith meandered with bare toes and simple dress — content with whatever life gave her. Her freckled face was serious, yet pleasant, but her eyes were often gazing far away. Little Faith had heard of a beautiful land with no more tears nor pains nor terrors of the darkness.

As she drank from the icy spring, she found a message tucked between the stones.

Alone you are lost,
Guilty, and weak.
Together you'll find
The blest life you seek.
                                       The King

An odd message, she thought. How does the King know I am lost? Together? Are there others seeking this blest life, too?

Crossing an inlet of rushing waters, Little Faith paused and cocked her ear to the wind, for she thought she heard crying. She saw a boy crouched below the bridge in the murky black slime.

"I say, Boy! Are you hurt?" Little Faith scampered down the riverbank.

The boy paused from splashing water on his filthy skin. "Not now, but I was trapped. I thought I would die, and rightly so, for I had wandered where I didn't belong. The tide rose deeper and deeper, and I surely would have perished, but the King himself pulled me from the dark water."

"The King was here? I'm looking for the King's Land, but I don't know how to get there."

The boy pulled a small parchment from his pocket. "The King changed my name to Merciful and gave me this message, but I don't understand it." He gave the scroll to Little Faith and continued washing.

One thread of hope
One of forgiveness
One more of love
Woven is blessedness.
                                                 The King

"I have one, too." She retrieved it from her pouch and placed them side by side. "Maybe we'll understand them in the King's Land. Come with me. Maybe we can find it together."

So Little Faith and Merciful traveled on. They talked of their homes and earlier times. They discussed right from wrong. When the pathway dipped into the shadows of the valley, Little Faith kept their fears at bay by singing songs of hope.

"Merciful, some think I'm silly to believe in the King's Land, but I know it's there. I just don't know if He'll allow me to enter once I get there."

"I'm sure He'll welcome you if you repent of your wickedness, for He is a holy King."

I'm not wicked, thought Little Faith. I've tried to be kind and good. But suddenly she saw the ugliness of her pride and selfishness. "Oh Merciful! I never saw how horrid I've been. I don't want the King to turn me away because of my sinful heart."

"Then tell Him you're sorry. Ask for mercy, as I did."

Kneeling beside the road, Little Faith bowed her head and heart. She learned the joy of forgiveness. Lifting her face with a smile, she bubbled with renewed hope. "Let's hurry on our way!"

As the two travelers continued, the way became rougher. The trees grew so close they could hardly see the path. They trudged and struggled up the loose gravel.

Merciful slipped and scraped his knees. "Oh, I don't think I can go any more."

"It can't be much farther." But even Little Faith felt faint. Her legs ached and her breath rasped with thirst. As the sky dimmed, the weary travelers collapsed beside the way on a bed of leaves.

"Wake up! Don't stop."

Little Faith's eyes flickered open. A small child sat beside her, shaking her arm. The child's touch made her skin tingle with energy. Little Faith sat up. "Who are you?"

"I am Grace. I have been sent to help you." Her voice was like a kitten's purr.

"But you're just a little child."

"I was once weak like you, but the King gave me His strength."

Merciful joined them. "You've seen the King?"

Grace gave a script to Little Faith. "This will encourage you."

With heavenly vision,
Peace, and endurance,
Anything's possible,
Tis the King's assurance
The King

Little Faith looked up. "I think I understand. I was alone and lost. Merciful needed forgiveness and peace. Grace, you have brought us the King's strength and power. Together we have His blessing."

She pulled Merciful to his feet. "It can't be far now." Grace danced around, guiding and urging them on. Reaching the peak, they gazed toward the horizon. Little Faith bounced with joy. "I see it! I see the King's Land."


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Sara Harricharan said...

Oooh, that's very nicely done, Vonnie! I love the parallels here. Do hope you expand it someday. Thanks for joining in for Friday Fiction! :)


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