U is for . . . Under Construction

My son, Caleb, and his wife are building a home in Alaska. It's exciting to get pictures of the progress. I know it won't be big or fancy, but it is a symbol of their new marriage - "UNDER CONSTRUCTION."

 It looks like a lot of dirt . . . 

and boards . . . 

but in their eyes, they can see the finished house. 

Our road is UNDER CONSTRUCTION this summer. It is being widened (which has been greatly needed with the increased traffic over the last few years).

It's sad to see some huge oak trees being cut down, but they'll be put to good use, and it's necessary for them to be removed for the changes to be made on the road.


Changes . . . 

We don't like changes while they're happening. We grumble and complain and moan. Once everything is done, we enjoy the improvements. Isn't that like our lives, too? God is working on our hearts. We don't like the learning process, but we know that the final product will be great. 

"He's still working on me, 
To make me what I ought to be. 
It took just a week to make the moon and stars, 
The Sun and the Earth, and Jupiter and Mars. 
How loving and patient He must be! 
He's still working on me." 
(by Joel Hemphill)

 I'm glad that I'm still UNDER CONSTRUCTION. 
It's comforting to know that God is still working on me.


Joanne Sher said...

Great post, Vonnie :)

Anna said...

The picture of the oaks doesn't look like Alaska at all. They got a pretty spot over there. Usually you just see ugly skinny spruce with some pretty white birch scattered in between. It must be nice seeing big trees like that around for them. Hope they don't have to cut all of them down.

Yvonne Blake said...

The oaks are here, in Maine, where they are widening our road.

The Altered Bee said...

Love this! Great analogy.


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