Trust Me

Do you have faith?

What is faith? Faith is knowing something is real - even when you can't see it or feel it or even prove it. You just KNOW it. You trust in its strength and quality.

People use faith all the time. They have faith that the bank will cash their paycheck. They have faith that the food at the store is safe for them. They have faith that an airplane will take them to their destination. They have faith that their friends will treat them honestly and fairly.

So why do people have trouble with faith in God?

It saddens me to hear these words:

"I don't believe there is a God."
"I can't see Him."
"There's no proof."
"The Bible just doesn't make sense."

I can't prove God. I just KNOW that He's there.

I see His handiwork in all of nature. I see His power in my life. I hear His voice in my heart. But, I can't share this with someone who doesn't believe that God is real.

At the end of time, when all creation will stand before God - from the poorest child in Ethiopia to the President of the United States - God will only ask, "Did you believe?"

It won't matter how often we went to church (or what church we attended). It won't matter how good we were. It won't matter how many times we read the Bible or hours we spent in prayer. It won't matter how much money we gave to the poor. It won't matter ...

God only asks, "Did you believe? Did you bow before My holiness in humility? Did you accept My Son, Jesus, or turn away in pride and selfishness?"

We can have faith in God. We can trust in His Words. He has said that He will NEVER reject those who come to Him in faith - those that seek the truth.

God reaches out His arms, like a father to his child, and says,

"Jump! I will catch you. Trust me."


Tiffany @ Tea w Tiffany said...

Excellent reminder to trust God. I spent many years doubting Him because of some of my hard life experiences. But I am so God continued His pursuit to capture my heart.

Yvonne Blake said...

I think this is a lesson we continue to learn throughout our whole life.


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