R is for . . . Waking Up


 I know, that doesn't begin with R, but these things do - 

 As far as alarm clocks go, I don't like them. I prefer sleeping until the sun's RAYS stream through my bedroom window and dance on my pillow, ROUSING me from my dreams with the aroma of coffee coming from the kitchen.

If I must have an alarm clock, I prefer the wind-up, ticking clock that RINGS by clanging the bells on its top - or a RADIO station set to a classical station. 

 A ROOSTER's "cock-a-doodle-doo!" is a nice way to wake, too.

Some people can't stand ROOSTERS, but I like them. (most of the time) They symbolize the simple life of country living. Of course, there are times when a rooster escapes his coop and parades around the house, crowing his victory at 4 AM that he doesn't sound so likable anymore.

Being woken by a RAMBUNCTIOUS child isn't a bad way to wake up. There's nothing like a tickle time with a toddler to start the day.


 My favorite way to wake up is with a kiss and a back-rub from my RANDY. We will have been married thirty-five years this summer. We've been through a lot of interesting experiences together. We have a lot more gray hairs and a few more aches, but each year gets better and better.  He's so sweet. He gets the wood stove crackling and coffee perking by the time I get out of bed. That's definitely my favorite way of waking up. 

 What's your favorite way of waking up?

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Barbara Lynn Culler said...

Awww- how sweet! Waking up to grand-babies is the greatest! I just returned yesterday from an out of state visit and missed them the minute I got on the plane.

Niki Turner said...

I love waking up to the crowing of a rooster!

Sharon said...

My favorite is definitely waking up to the sun's rays streaming through the bedroom window although at times I even resent them when I've gotten to bed too late! But I'm with you when it comes to alarm clocks!

Jean Wise said...

You made me smile. R is for waking up. How creative!!

Julie Arduini said...

Vonnie, I wasn't sure where you were going to go with this when you started with waking up, but you hit every R word I could think of!

I love looking at your growing family on your sidebar. Love it.

Anonymous said...

I like waking up like I did this, fresh from a dream that had plot, pace, and an interesting character facing insurmountable odds. You know. The kind of dream you absolutely, positively have to get up and record before you do anything else.

Sandy Wells said...

I loved you piece! My favorite way to wake up, on the days he sleeps in past 6 is by my 4 year old grandson crawling in bed with me and gently stroking my cheek. If I don't respond, I soon feel him shaking my shoulder. Ahhh!


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