M is for Maine

A few of my blogger friends and I have been having fun posting stuff with a letter of the alphabet each week. We're half way through the second round of Peej's Blog - A2Z.

I have lived in Maine since I was 12 years old. I feel blessed. It's a beautiful and interesting state. I thought I'd play a game with you.

How many of these things do you know about Maine?

1. Who were the first to settle in Maine?
2. What state was Maine part of in 1776?
3. What other state joined the union in 1820?
4. What is Maine's nickname?
5. How many other states border Maine?
6. How many islands does Maine have?
7. What is the name of its tallest mountain?
8. What is the eastern most spot of the contiguous states?
9. Which county is larger than Conn. and Rhode Is. together?
10. What fruit does Maine produce over 99% for the country?

(Click on "Comments" for the answers.)


Yvonne Blake said...

1. Vikings
2. Massachusetts
3. Missouri
4. Vacation State
5. One (New Hampshire)
6. 2,000 islands
7. Katahdin
8. West Quoddy Head
9. Aroostook County
10. Blueberries

Anonymous said...

THought it was the PINE TREE STATE?!

Anonymous said...

Would've gotten 6 or 7 right.


Marcy Dyer said...

I wouldn't have gotten any right! Maine is beautiful and I hope to visit there some day. Thanks for sharing.

Patty Wysong said...

LoL--I knew Katahdin and that was it!! But I left Maine when I was 11. BUT, I still recognize that top photo!! =] There's lotsa memories in Maine for me.


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