Easy as Pie - Chicken Fajitas

Easy as Pie

I'm a writer, not a cook,
but occasionally, I like to get in the kitchen
and make cookies and such,
as long as the recipe isn't too complicated.

Each Thursday
I hope to share some of my favorite recipes.
If you would like to share an easy recipe,
add your link at the bottom of this page.

(serves 4)

1 pound of boneless chicken
1 onion
1 green bell pepper
1 red bell pepper
olive (or vegetable) oil
garlic powder
black pepper
tortillas (or pita bread)

(optional toppings)
sour cream
shredded cheese
sliced black olives
shredded lettuce
diced fresh tomatoes

Heat oil in fry pan.
Cut chicken into 1/2" strips.
Add to hot fry pan.
Season with garlic powder, salt, and generous amount of bl.pepper.
Cut onion in half, then slices into semi-circle rings.
Add to chicken.
Slice bell peppers into 1/2" strips.
When chicken is cooked (not pink), add peppers.
Cook peppers slightly, enough to keep some crispness.

Serve chicken mixture and toppings in bowls.

Wrap 8 tortillas (or pitas)in paper towel.
Microwave for 1 minute.
Serve immediately for guests to assemble their fajitas to tastes.

What kind of toppings do you like?

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