G is for ... Giggles

What makes you giggle?
Do you giggle when you're nervous
or trying not to be afraid?
Do you giggle at yourself getting old?

Do you giggle at something or someone slipping or falling?

Do you giggle at puns or a quote that fits the situation?
Do you giggle at nothing when you get tired?
Do you giggle at when you hear others giggling, too?

When's the last time you giggled until you couldn't breathe?

(Baby Giggling)

I hope this made your day.

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Joanne Sher said...

Fun post, Vonnie! (your second link wouldn't work for me, by the way) Just about anything makes me giggle.

Niki Turner said...

Cute! Way better than my grumbling!: )
I tend to giggle at inappropriate moments. Like funerals. And during Tai Chi classes.

Sandy Wells said...

My little grandson's giggles, make me giggle every time. I do also giggle at inappropriate times, must be nerves. I adore baby giggles


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