Shoving Furniture Around

You know how you have to shove the chairs and bookshelves around to make room for the new coffee table? That's how I feel on my blog. I'm rearranging my schedule and trying to see where everything fits.

SUNDAY the first day of the week, the Lord's Day
I will post one of church pictures and a line from a Bible verse or song.(By the way, if you would like to receive the words to an old-fashioned hymn each morning by email, let me know, and I'll add you to my list.)

... will be a devotional day,
when I post what God has been teaching me. Sometimes it will be about what I learned at church; sometimes will be about a Bible verse or something in my life.

... will be my "spare room" day.
I don't know what I will post from week to week. I could join a friend's meme (rhymes with "cream", definition) or tell a joke or post some pictures.

... will be my Polliwog Pages day,
when I talk about my other blog where I focus on teaching children about adventure of reading and writing.

... will be my "Easy as Pie" day.
I will post some simple, no-fuss recipes and leave a place for you to link up with your own.

... will continue to be Friday Fiction day,
where a few of us writers post our writing and link together, so we can hop from one blog to another.

... is my Polliwog Kids Write day
when young writers shine with their own writing.

When I was younger, I despised schedules (and still resist them), but I have learned that I accomplish so much more when I do have some kind of routine. I like flexibility within a schedule, though. So if I decide that I'm in the mood for something wild and different, it's because I needed a break from my routine.

Also, as I get older (and not teaching at school anymore), I need something to remind me what day of the week it is. (Don't laugh! I know you forget, too!)

I hope to see you on My Back Door often!


Joanne Sher said...

Looks like a great schedule, Vonnie! Excited for you :) (and I can always remind you what day it is - though I am having a VERY hard time believing today is Thursday LOL)

Key Tags said...

Looks like a very busy week but you'll be equipped to face life after spending the day especially devoted to the lord.


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