Monday Manna - "Come Unto Me"

Today's Monday Manna
is hosted by Joanne Sher
We are focusing on this verse -

"But Mary kept all these things
and pondered them in her heart."
(Luke 2:19)

Mary was an ordinary girl. Every Hebrew girl knew the promise of the Messiah to be born of a virgin. Mary was not a perfect girl; she was a sinner, like anyone else, but she had a humble and submissive heart. God had a special job for her to do. It was very difficult right from the start. Even her intended husband did not believe her at first. She was made an outcast, so that God could be glorified.

I'm reading a new book that tells the story of Jesus through the eyes of Mary. Laura Davis puts the reader in Mary's sandals -all the emotions, fears and joys, of this wonderful honor bestowed on her.

(excerpt from Come Unto Me )

"Quietly, the shepherds shuffled into the warm, cozy stable. As soon as they saw the baby in the manger, they fell to their knees in worship. Mary watched in silence, struck numb by the sudden clarity of who the baby in the manger was. 'I just gave birth to the Son of God! Blessed be the Lord!'

She looked around the stable. What a contrast! Cows, goats, and sheep surrounded her. She sat in a bed of hay while the king of the world slept in a feeding trough at her side. And wonder of wonders, the shepherds were kneeling in the hay worshiping her son. She looked at Joseph, who had fallen to his knees. What a night! What a joy! Her heart overflowed with thanksgiving for Yahweh's provision and she wept with happiness."


Joanne Sher said...

Sounds like a neat book! Mary fascinates me - may have to pick this one up at some point.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine what Mary felt either.
A lot to think about.


Denise said...

Sounds like a great book.


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