"It's a BRAZZLE-DAZZLE day!"

I am so blessed! I love my life. God has given me a wonderful husband, great kids, super-duper grandkids, and oodles of friends.

I live on the coast of Maine, in a cozy house built by my husband, curled up with my cat and the crackling woodstove.

I fill my day with writing, knitting, reading, doing jigsaw puzzles, playing Scrabble, taking walks, tutoring students, visiting neighbors, and of course, cleaning and cooking.
(when I have to)

I see my parents often, and my children as often as I can. I fellowship with my church family at least three or four times each week.

My, oh my, what a wonderful day!"

Each morning is a gift from God, just waiting to be opened.
When things get difficult, I remember that God gave those to me, too. I start counting my blessings, and the trials don't seem so big.

Are you ready to see what the Lord has given you today?

Ordinary Lives. From a 2 z 4 u & me

I hope you've enjoyed this journey through the alphabet with us. For more Z entries go to Peej's Blog.
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Anonymous said...

A Brazzle-Dazzle day, huh?
I've been known to sing
that song now & then.
Thanking the Lord for
family & friends.
Have a good one!


Barbara Lynn Culler said...

Now I'll be hearing this song all day long!

Diana Lesire Brandmeyer said...

I've never heard of a brazzle dazzle day. I like it.

Rita Garcia said...

I'm printing this line out and putting on my desk, "Each morning is a gift from God, just waiting to be opened." Love it!

And love the idea of brazzle dazzle day!

ANd I love you, my friend! HUGs!

Yvonne Blake said...

I learned to appreciate each day when I was very, very sick with a defective thyroid. I'll admit that sometimes I forget about this wonderful gift of life, but God still gives me another day to use for Him.

melody-mae said...

Oh how I LOVE finding happy, thankful blogs!!!! Life is beautiful and God is good!

Niki Turner said...

Ah, nothing like waking up with praise on your lips! Love it!

Shelley Ledfors said...

A brazzle-dazzle day. Love it! I can relate to several of the wonderful blessings you noted, the family, pets, oh, and the wood stove, too! We use wood heat exclusively. Love it. No other heat feels as good!


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