The Art of Poetry

"What makes a good poem?"

That's easy and yet hard, to answer.

Poems are the music of writing -
the lover's language, the cry of the heart, the call for patriotism.

Words -
Words can paint vivid scenes, peaceful farmlands or fiery battlefields. They can stir emotions of humor, pity, or anger. Certain sounds create different moods, different visions, different memories.

Writing a poem is much like a mason building a rock wall. He sorts through his pile for just the correct stone. He turns and appraises each one, to see if it fits. He may set it to one side, to use later and look for the perfect shape and size and tone for this spot.

I crunched through
the scurrying clusters
of scarlet and gold.

You can feel the dry leaves and cool wind. You can see the bright colors, and even smell its musky, fall scents.

I slithered
into the shadowy,
slimy cellar.

Now your skin shivers, and you can feel the damp and gloom of the darkness.

I leaped and screamed,
with a triumphant cheer.

You feel the excitement of a victory. There is a sense of brightness and confidence.

Poems can have cadence
And march to a drum.
You can feel the rhythm
And rhyme with each strum.

Some are creative.
Colors swirling,
Syllables twirling,
Making their own design.

fly free,
rebelling against the everyday

Poetry is the music and sculpture and dance of writing.


LaLee said...

Wow, this is awesome!!! VERY well-written, Vonnie.

Yvonne Blake said...

Thanks, Lalee

Rita Garcia said...

"Poetry is the music and sculpture and dance of writing." Beautifully said and so true. I do not have a gift for writing poetry, but I love reading it.

Fantastic article!


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