God's Detours

Being sent on a detour can have two different effects on a person. You can either fuss and fume and be impatient to resume your original plan, or you can enjoy the ride and get excited about the adventure of the whole situation.

God often sends us on detours. Just when we get comfortable in our day-to-day routine, He puts something in our life that pushes us off the main course.

When I got done teaching school, I started lots of projects - writing books, knitting sweaters, arranging rooms, etc. - but my plans got detoured. God had something else for me to do for a while.

For the last year, I've been babysitting my grandson almost everyday. At first, it was very tiring and demanding, but when I learned to embrace the opportunity of spending all this time with him, I loved it...Well, most of the time. (He had a sweet charm, even when he was grumpy.)

Now that he has moved, the house seems very empty. I don't know what to do with myself. It's time to get back on the original road and finish some of those projects I started. The spare room needs cleaning out, I need to look through my knitting books, and all those writing ideas need to put into words.

It takes me a little while to adjust to a change of schedule, to a new way of thinking. Before long, it will become "normal" ...until God sends me off on a new detour.


That is the reason for the new blog look. I was in the mood for changes.


Anonymous said...

Love your new header!
That lends itself to a
possible story in itself.


Joanne Sher said...

Ooooh I feel beetter :) Praying as you adjust to this new time for you.


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