A Few Pictures of my Trip

I've been away for a whole week. In a way, it seems like it was a month. So many exciting and interesting things happened!

I packed and repacked my bags a few times before settling on what to take.
(forgot my jacket)

Smokey wanted to come with me.

Road trips are always an adventure. At one point, a train was stopped on a crossing. We had to find a detour through the cornfields. (without using a GPS)

Some restaurants are as pleasant to the eyes as the stomach.

Stopping at a fellow writer's home was like an appetizer for the conference.

The Faithwriter Conference was a whirlwind of fellowship and learning.

Despite losing power for 8 hours (no A/C),I was able to do an "elevator pitch" on an elevator to Linda Glaz, a literary agent,

teach a session on "Tips and Tools for Writing Children's Literature," and squeeze in plenty of time for hugs and visiting with my writer friends. (more pictures later)

This little cutie helped satisfy my grandkid homesickness.

My dear, romantic husband surprised me by driving all the way from Maine to Michigan in one day.

We worshiped with friends from Arizona on Sunday before heading home.

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