This week, I'll be busy from 8am - 2pm teaching at our church's VBS daycamp.
We usually have over 50 kids come from the nearby communities.
I teach the little ones. (ages 4,5)

We have puppets, songs, Bible stories, crafts, games, missionary story, water balloon fights, and a GREAT BIG slip n'slide.

I'm excited about the missionary story this year. I'm teaching about Fernando Angeles, a man whom I met about 3 yrs. ago, who is now translating the Bible into his native language of Tenek. (I'm also using power point for the first time....gulp!)

I'll be busy most of the day and too tired to do much else in the evening, so I won't have the energy to post much this week.

Please pray that the weather will stay clear. (It's not fun to have 50 kids cooped up in a building for 5 hours.) Pray for the leaders, and most of all, pray for lives to be changed.


Anonymous said...

Praying for souls to be saved first of all, and that your power point presentation will go smoothly. Praying for leaders' energy, and safety.


Laury said...

Praying the week is awesome - from the weather, to all the kids coming and listening to God speak to them, to the decisions that will be made! I know the PP will go great and the kids will love your story.

Praying for you, too - that your cold will be gone and you will have the energy to keep up with all the little ones. LUVUUUU!

Yvonne Blake said...

Thanks, Sunny and Hally. I needed those prayers today (and I'll need them each day for the rest of the week)

Barbara Lynn Culler said...

Praying too. I've done those marathon VBS days and I know it's exhausting and exhilarating!


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