H is for Helpers

Ordinary Lives. From a 2 z 4 u & me

A 2 yr. old wants to "Do it all by myself!"

A 12 yr. old wants to be the star of the show.

A 22 yr. old challenges the world on his own.

When do we finally grow up
and realize that we need help?

Yes, we say that God is our Help,
but He gives us other helpers, too.

Our church, Lighthouse Bible Church in Searsport, Maine, is small... very small. On a good Sunday, when everyone is there, we might have about 50 people at church. We have a handful of teenagers, and less than ten younger children in our Sunday School, so...

...when it's time for our VBS daycamp, we may have up to fifty super-excited, never-been-in-church-before, glad-to-be-with-friends, scatter-brained kids for 5 hours each day for a week.

God sends the helpers that He wants to be there. A few teens came from a neighboring church. Many young people in our church took vacations or arranged their work schedules to be there.

It's a marathon of juggling several jobs
each day for a full week.

Our helpers...

- take attendance
- show newcomers where to go

- lead songs
- fill water balloons

- man the various carnival games
- find someone's big sister

- sit next to a wiggly one
- help with crafts
- take a little one to the bathroom

- serve Kool-aid and snacks
- listen to Bible verses
- bandage cuts

- spend hours doing puppets
- calm unruly situations
- act silly in skits

- keep the slide wet and slippery
- get soaked with water balloons

- pick up hundred of broken balloons
- clean bathrooms
- pick up forgotten underclothes
- sweep and vacuum wet floors every day

Some were helpers by being patient.

I am so grateful for the helpers
that God brought to us last week.

Lord, let me see Your helpers in every area of my life. You have brought others along-side to make the way easier for me, for You know I cannot do it alone. Let me also see where I can be a helper to someone else, so I can make the way easier for them. Amen


Barbara Lynn Culler said...

Looks like there was a lot of fun!

Laury said...

Teen helpers are awesome! So glad it all went well:) and glad it's over so you can get over your cold!

Joanne Sher said...

Fabulous post, Vonnie. Thank the Lord for all the help you had :)

Rita Garcia said...

Great post, Vonnie! Love the way the teens were helping!


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