Almost Done...well, kind of....

I've been working on a novel for over 30 years.

In my senior year of high school, in a creative writing class, the character Phoebe was born. Over the years, in between raising my children and keeping house, I kept developing the plot and more characters.

In 2005, I entered it into the Christian Writers Guild Operation First Novel contest, but I didn't even make the first cut. I joined Christian writers Forum and FaithWriters. I learned more and more about writing.

I learned that my story was a middle-grade novel,
(which should be no longer than 60,000 words,
instead of the 90,000 words.)

Also, a few critiquers told me that my point-of-view jumped around too much. I needed to tell the story mainly from one character.
(ugh... which one?)

Thirdly, I learned that there is a bigger need for chapter books for younger readers than novels.

All this told me that my book need a major make-over. (sigh)

I thought, "Is it worth it? Should I just chalk it up to experience and start something new?"

Within a week, 3 people asked me about my Phoebe story. One friend, a wonderful artist, even gave me a framed drawing of Phoebe.


I have to do my best and take this as far as I can.

I am working on the last chapter of the revision. I am almost done...kind of...The parts that I cut out, I can use for other stories in the series. (I tried to keep the good stuff. I even added a few more good scenes.)

Also, I hope to make a series of chapter books from the parts in Phoebe's POV. I hope to package it as a "big sister/little sister" package. (Thanks, Jan)

So, I've got lots more to do. Excuse me, while I get back to work on the last few pages.
(and, I'm not going to tell you how it ends!)


Anonymous said...

YAY Vonnie!!!!!
I can't wait until
it's published!
Great job!!


Joanne Sher said...

So exciting, Vonnie! Good for you.

Yvonne Blake said...

I did it! I finished the revision!
(well, at least rough revision)
I'm sure I'll go back over it, word by word, a few more times.
But the hardest part is done!


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