Need a Blog Make-Over?

Today, I have the honor
of having my first guest blogger -
my very good friend, Patty Wysong
(or Peej, for short).
She's got an exciting offer for us!

What fun! Thank you, Vonnie, for letting me visit today!

I have to tell you, three years ago I never-ever would've dreamed all the changes that would take place in this short time! When I joined Faithwriters, my life shifted into high gear and it's been quite a ride.

One of those changes was to start blogging. It was an act of obedience and my reasoning was “In the big wide world of cyber space no one will ever find my puny little blog.”

Um, wrong.

God blessed me tremendously with wonderful friends (some of whom I encouraged to join me blogging) and somehow, people found my blog. That, of course led to the next step: working on my site. It's been a roller coaster as I learned (often with much head-banging) how to manipulate a blog.

Remember those friends? (Vonnie is one of them, which is why she's Vonnie to me instead of Yvonne. LOL) As we worked on our sites, I discovered my blog knowledge and experience was a ministry to others. And that's when it got really fun for me!

But seasons of life change, and God prepared me for this most recent change. This month my bloggy knowledge, experience and love have become part of the answer to a problem and it's so cool to see God's hand in it, preparing and leading me, especially in these last six months. What a great God of detail we have!

I'd like you to celebrate with me as I officially open my design and teaching doors. To help celebrate, I'm giving away the winner's choice of a premade design. Leave a comment here, on this post, to be entered into the drawing and the winner will be posted on my site sometime on May 5th. =]

Want some extra entries in the drawing? Go to my site and leave a comment on this post. Also, each time you share this link on Twitter, Facebook or on your blog, I'll throw your name in the drawing again. (Yes, I'm on Twitter.) Email me when you do. patty at

Click here to see some sites I've designed, recommendations and pricing. Not only are there blogs there, but there's a couple of websites, too. These are hosted on Blogger, but I am working on Wordpress now too.

Do you want to learn to work on your own blog? I teach a 4 week class, Clearing the Blog Fog, that's email based (yahoo group). It teaches how to set up and customize your site. If you don't need or want the whole class there's tutoring and all now I'm offering workshops in webinar format so you can see what I'm doing on my screen as I talk through it. So far I have workshops on how to make blog buttons and headers, which have learning how to work on, a free option to Photoshop, as a great perk. ;-)

Another thing I've added is a selection of premade layouts, offered reasonably. I'll even install it for you. It's one of these I'm giving away. ;-)

Designing and teaching like this will enable me to work from home—something that has become necessary at this point. God is so good to give me something to do, something I LOVE doing and that I can work on it at home--in the middle of cornfields.

Thank you, Vonnie, for having me today! You've been one of my jewelie friends. Don't forget to leave a comment here (and at my site) to be entered in the premade design giveaway. The winner will be posted on my site on May 5th.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Such fun with a new venture, Peej!
(if i win, I'll give it to someone else)


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