A New/Old Book in My Library

We pulled a box of children's books out of the library and found some old favorites.

Panda Cake  by Rosalie Seidler is such fun to read.

With rhythm and rhyme, we follow two panda cubs gathering the ingredients for Mama's wonderful cake. Willie sends his brother home, while he "takes a few turns on the merry-go-round."

When Willie finally returns home, there is nothing left of that wonderful cake.

"A panda cake is a special. It's not like any other.
But don't ask Willie how special it is. Just ask his little brother."

Hop over to Polliwog Pages Library to find the titles more great books to read.


Anna said...

I forgot about this book. I used to love it!

Yvonne Blake said...

It's one of Carter's favorite ones, too.


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