Identified with Him

Today I went with Anna and Carter to see Chris graduate from part of his Marine training. A sergeant encouraged the families and explained how much their Marine needs them. I'm glad I was there. It helped me to understand what my daughter and grandson's life will be like in the next few years.

The life of a military wife is not easy. Her life is on a "need to know" schedule. She can't make future plans because she doesn't know what it will be. She has to be ready to go or stay and wait. Her love must strong when they are separated for long periods of time. She teaches her children to honor and respect their daddy even when he is far away. She must manage the home-front while the man of the house is gone. She trusts the Marines to care for her family.

Her identity is her husband's identity. Because she belongs to him, she has access to military bases and stores and many other privileges. His name is her pass. Because he is in the Marines, so is she.

I realized that is how God sees a Christian. We don't have our own identity - His name is our name and our "pass." We need to trust our God to care for us, whether we go or stay and wait. We are not our own; we belong to Him.

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