Poetry - Celeste's Sestina

A sestina is a specific poetry form using a set of six words. Variations of the words may be used, as long as they sound the same. I realized that I could expand my choice of homonymns if I mixed in some French words. I had fun writing this poem. I hope you enjoy reading it -
(and maybe learn a few French words
along the way.)

Celeste’s Sestina

Mademoiselle Celeste, so petite and fair,
With silky locks and eyes so bleu,
Who lived with her smiling grande belle mere,
Who sold fromage, carrottes, et choux.
Billy was far from his home in America, where
He all he could say was “Bonjour” and “Adieu.”

Oh, what was the poor lovesick boy to do?
He paid the bus driver some foreign fare
And traveled to the market, where
He purchased a cart, painted yellow and blue.
Bought a cheery bouquet of orchids. A-CHOO!
Sweet chocolate, and a cream colored mare.

Trembling, he gave the posies to her mere.
He rode with Celeste through the sparkling dew-
Covered fields, whistling and tapping his shoe
In time to the clopping along to a country fair,
With colorful flags that fluttered and blew.
He bought her a joli chapeau to wear.

They browsed up and down the rows of wares,
And even heard a speech by the mayor,
Who arrogantly stood when the trumpets blew.
There were so many exciting things to do
And see, at that marvelous country fair,
It was hard to decide which things to choose.

Celeste, in French, said, “Regardez, Monsieur!”
But lovesick Billy proceeded on… unaware.
His mind full of music and love affairs,
With a squish, behind his cream-colored mare,
His sole became smeared with the sticky doo!
His face grew red, he coughed and blew.

Celeste giggled and batted her eyes of bleu,
And offered her kerchief to wipe his dirty shoe.
She kissed his cheek, his awful fears to subdue
He knows now that someday, somewhere,
Somehow…when he’s convinced her mere,
He’ll marry mademoiselle, so elegant and fair!

So, now when all is done and due,
if you ever see some eyes of bleu,
In a mademoiselle so lovely and fair,
Regardez where you put your shoe,
For with the bride, somehow, somewhere,
will be her smiling grande belle mere.

French Words

grande - big
belle mere - stepmother
bleu - blue
Bonjour - Good day
Adieu - Good bye
fromage - cheese
carrottes - carrots
choux - cabbages
joli - pretty
chapeau - hat
Regardez - Look
Monsieur - Mister


Anonymous said...

Loved reading this again!
Thanks, Vonnie.

Abel said...

Very unrealistic. I know from experience that going on a date with someone you don't know rarely if ever ends with a kiss. Maybe it's different in France.

Yvonne Blake said...

Ahhhh, Abel... you ruined the romance of the whole thing!


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