Monday Manna : The Letter "M"

Joanne Sher at An Open Book is hosting Monday Manna - where we share what we have learned from a common Scripture. Today's verse is:

Matt. 13:58
"And He did not many mighty works there
because of their unbelief."

This is a very sobering and sad verse. The people in Jesus' hometown missed out in the wonderful power of God because they couldn't get past the fact that it was Jesus, the boy who grew up in Joseph's carpenter shop. They didn't believe that He was the Son of God.

After reading this verse each day over this weekend, my focus shifted to the words "not many." This implies that in other places Jesus traveled, there were many "mighty works." Multitudes followed him, seeking miracles. Jesus healed them all.

Luke 4:40
Now when the sun was setting, all they that had any sick with divers diseases brought them unto him; and he laid his hands on every one of them, and healed them.

Jesus often honored a person's great faith. He rewarded those who stepped beyond normal circumstances to be near Him. Jesus wants us to go beyond our common sense and trust in His power in our lives.

Look again at that phrase "not Many" - the letter "M" makes a big difference. That means that there were a few souls in Nazareth that knewt Jesus really was the Promised One. There were some that had faith and received a miracle in their life. There were some that didn't care what others thought, they believed and they received.

John 20:27
"... be not faithless, but believing."

(I will be hosting Monday Manna every other week. Look for the next verse on Thursday.Don't forget to hop over to Joanne's blog An Open Book to find more devotionals on this verse.)


Joanne Sher said...

They needed that faith, didn't they? :) Great thoughts on this verse. Thanks, Vonnie!

Wanda said...

Faith made all the difference in the experience the people had.

Karen Wilber said...

This is a sad verse. Because Nazareth was Jesus' home town he must have felt particular pain for the people he'd grown up with.

This one really got under my skin this weekend. How 'bout tossing us a softball next week, Vonnie? ;-D


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