My Second Born

Today is my son Caleb's birthday.
(I am so happy to have him at home on his birthday!)

Caleb was born hungry. When he was only crawling about and put something in his mouth, he'd clamp his jaws tight if it happened to be a tasty morsel.  He'd let me take out the bugs and leaves and rocks, but I learned that if it was food, I'd never get it out of his mouth. I taught him to make his own toast by the time he was 3 yrs. old, so I didn't have to feed him breakfast at the crack of dawn. His sister called him "Clean Up Duty" because she could count on him to finish her food, if she was too full. He hasn't changed, but at least he appreciates a good home-cooked meal.

Caleb has always been my adventurer. When he was about 5yr. old, he wanted to explore the woods behind our house. Being busy with other babies, I didn't have time to go with him, so I gave him a whistle. I told him to stay on the path, and if he got lost, to stay put and blow the whistle. He enjoyed his freedom and went "exploring" a few times. After about a week, he said, "Mama, can just blow my whistle to see what it sounds like? I haven't gotten lost yet."

Caleb has always been a hard worker- up early in the morning and busy on some kind of project.

Caleb likes to build and invent things. He is very patient and keeps trying. He was determined to build a raft for our pond. He tried all kinds of things to make it float: milk jugs, pieces of foam, etc. Nothing worked. He knew that drift wood floated, so we hauled a huge log home from the beach. He cut it and topped it with boards. It worked! That raft lasted for years! Even the frogs and turtles used after the kids all grew up and stopped playing in the pond.

Caleb loved reading books of kids surviving off the land. (My Side of the Mountain, Hatchet, Call it Courage) He made a simple survival kit with a fishing line and a magnifying glass (to start a fire). As he got older, his survival kit got bigger and better equipped. When he headed to Alaska, as a 24 year old, his van became the biggest survival kit, with spare tires and cans of tuna and anything else he thought he might need.

Caleb knew that God wanted him to go to Alaska, to be a missionary pilot. But the year he planned to leave, God had other plans. Retrieving a model rocket, Caleb fell from a 30 ft. tree and broke his back. The experience taught him to trust the Lord and to rest in His plans. He did go to Alaska. God is still leading him.

I love you, Caleb. I know God will lead you and use you, as you listen to His voice.


Linda said...

Caleb sounds like a adventurous person! I am sure the Lord will use that and lead him in the way he should go in life. Good job mama!

(Caleb is one of my favorite names...and I have a grandson named Caleb. He is 14 in Dec.)

Have a good day and a good week ahead Yvonne.

Love, Linda

Linda said...

I said all that in my last comment and forgot to wish Caleb... a very blessed birthday!


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