Happy Johnny Appleseed Day!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love apples. My kitchen has apples in every little nook and corner. So...my favorite legendary hero is Johnny Appleseed. September 26th is his birthday, and I want to celebrate a life that spread joy and love of the Lord wherever he went.

Johnny Appleseed Day

The Johnny Appleseed Song

♪♫ Oh, the Lord's been good to me.
And so I thank the Lord
For giving me the things I need:
The sun, the rain and the appleseed;
Oh, the Lord's been good to me.

Oh, and every seed I sow
Will grow into a tree.
And someday there'll be apples there
For everyone in the world to share.
Oh, the Lord is good to me.

Oh, here I am 'neath the blue, blue sky
Doing as I please.
Singing with my feathered friends
Humming with the bees.

I wake up every day,
As happy as can be,
Because I know that with His care
My apple trees, they will still be there.
The Lord's been good to me.  ♪♫

1 comment:

Proverbs 27:19 said...

Cute. My son came home today with a picture he'd drawn of Johnny Appleseed...complete with the pot on his head and all!



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